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Famous Mac Miller Quotes – Best Mac Miller Quotes

Mac Miller Quotes Mac Miller was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who was known for his introspective lyrical content and creative musical style. He passed away in September 2018. Mixtapes and studio albums he released in the early 2010s propelled him to stardom, and he quickly established himself as a well-liked figure in the music industry.

Mac Miller Quotes

Mac Miller was not only a talented musician, but he was also a kind and generous spirit who spread love and positivity wherever he went. He passed away on September 7, 2018. He left behind an incredible legacy of music, and many people continue to find inspiration and heartfelt connection in his words even today.

  • “They gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams, but you gotta get up and go and think of better things.”
  • “I’ve been laughed at, hated on, no one would even play my songs. Wouldn’t even listen to anything that my name was on.”
  • “Life’s a bitch but she’s my bitch.”
  • “Don’t wait until it’s too late to say I love you.”
  • “I just have always felt as long as I’m 100 per cent honest, then it’s just me.”
  • “I’m addicted to something at all times.”
  • “People change and things go wrong, but just remember, life goes on.”
  • “In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
  • “I’m about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding nnothin whilehwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen.”

  • “Never make yourself feel like nothing, to make someone else feel like everything.”
  • “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”
  • “Some people need to just stop getting in their way.”
  • “I’m a human being, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.”
  • “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
  • “You know how it is when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in really, you realize it only happens a few times.”
  • “Everybody wanna be famous, but you just gotta follow your heart, and do what you love, and what feels like the right thing.”
  • “I think everyone should have their own opinion, and be able to voice it. No matter what it is. Of course, that doesn’t mean your opinion is always valid. But, you’re certainly entitled to have it.”
  • “The life you live is more important than the words you speak.”
  • “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

  • “It ain’t about the money, it’s about the creativity.”
  • “I ain’t no preacher, I’m just trying to say something.”
  • “I want to be remembered as someone who was honest and who tried his best to do what he thought was right.”
  • “I don’t make music for critics, I make music for people.”
  • “The people that hate you, they’re not worth it. It doesn’t matter. You just gotta love yourself, you gotta respect yourself.”
  • “I love music; it’s my passion, and I just feel lucky that I get to do it as a job.”
  • “Life goes on, days get brighter.”
  • “I’m just tryna stay above water, y’know just stay busy and make sure I’m putting in enough work so I can be proud of myself.”
  • “I’m trying to live right and give you whatever’s left of me.”
  • “I think that the most important thing is to be in a good mood, and try to be loving and positive towards everyone.”
  • “The minute I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.”
  • “The only time you should look back is to see how far you have.

  • “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m finding my way.”
  • “The thing with me is, about that – about rock and all that – years and years of crate-digging, listening to old music, you kind of start to connect the dots. And I was seeing the thread that was connecting everything, which is pretty much the blues. And everything soul or funk kind of starts with that.”
  • “My theory is, I don’t mind connecting with my fans and I don’t mind sharing with them my personal life, but I think it’s important to have a wall there so I can protect my sanity and keep a certain amount of privacy.”
  • “I’m always trying to evolve and develop.”
  • “I’ve been laughed at, hated on, no one would even play my songs. Wouldn’t even listen to anything that my name was on.”
  • “If you’re not waking up every day and working on something, then you’re wasting your time.”
  • “It’s hard to dream when you’re deep inside of one.”
  • “I don’t know who I am, but I know who I’ve been.”
  • “I’m just trying to stay true to what I do and make good music.”
  • “It’s just good to be around people that are excited about what you do.”

  • “Life’s a bitch, but that doesn’t mean you gotta be one.”
  • “My approach to life is, to be honest and sincere.”
  • “I think everybody’s got their path and their journey, and their way of doing things.”
  • “There’s a lot of beauty in the world, so go hang out and go be a part of the solution rather than the problem.”
  • “I’m just here to spread love and positive energy.”
  • “I’m still figuring out who I am, but I know I’m not who I was.”
  • “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.”
  • “Don’t count the number of friends you have, but the number of friends you can count on.”
  • “Time goes by living without you, hope you know, I’ve been thinking about you.”
  • “I’m just a kid that found a way out.”
  • “I’m an artist, I’m not a preacher. I’m here to spread a message of positivity, love, and understanding.”
  • “I want to inspire people to be themselves and do what they love.”

  • “I don’t care about being famous. I just want to make music that people love and can connect with.”
  • “Life is short, so make the most of it.”
  • “Stay positive, stay happy, and don’t let the negativity of the world get you down.”
  • “I want to be remembered for the love I gave and the positivity I spread.”
  • “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
  • “I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be at this moment.”
  • “Life is about balance. You need the bad to appreciate the good.”


The life of Mac Miller was cut far too short, but the legacy he left behind in music and culture will endure for many years to come. He was a talented artist who communicated with people of his generation as well as those of subsequent generations, and his messages of love, positivity, and self-expression continue to reverberate with people all over the world.

When we consider his life and the work he did, we can see the influence he had on the people in his immediate environment as well as the enduring legacy he left behind. The music of Mac Miller will always have the ability to encourage and enlighten, and his spirit will be remembered forever.

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